My name is Georgia but most people call me Georgie. Yes I know!! Georgia from Georgia. Not sure how that happened but I love it. Here’s a bit of my story. Growing up my father always called the “starving artist” of our family because I was always doing a creative projects. Whether it was painting our golf cart, or trying sewing up curtains— I’ve always loved creating things. When I picked up a camera about 10 years ago I knew there was something special there. What started as a hobby soon turned into a journey that has been so rewarding and fulfilling! Having the privilege to photograph couples, families, and everything in between has been one of the most rewarding gifts of my life! I’m grateful to have so many amazing people along for this ride.

Things I love:
Jesus, people, traveling (currently on a plane as I write this), coffee, flowers, thrifting, shooting film, dancing, the great outdoors, music, and asking questions

A few random facts:

I once convinced my mom to take a cross country road trip with me

I have triplet siblings (except I’m not a triplet!)

I am getting married to a triplet though!

I have visited 20 countries 

watermelon is my favorite fruit and pretty much food

Half my family is Canadian!